Our Services


Powder coated frames and doors, bare aluminium anodized frames can be easily improved by a specialised paint process, the quality of our paint finishes is equivalent to a new powder coated shop front. We offer a range of the latest technology paints in a choice of RAL and BS colours! Recoated shop fronts can save thousands of pounds, when it comes to a chain of shops or stores, the process can be done with minimal disruptions.


Mineral fibre ceilings or metal pan ceilings can be recoated in situ in a trading shop, everything can be protected without disruption. Our paint process does not interfere with fire regulations and keeps the aquestick quality of the tiles it also cuts cost of replacing tiles because of stains or damage.


Cladding can be sprayed to transform a building for a new look due to the deterioration caused by a damp climate and exposure to the sun.

Bronze Restoration

Bronze restoration we restore bronze statues to plaques even shop fronts can be transformed, we use chemical toning which is any aging process. Bronze is a strong metal and the toning process produces a high quality appearance and is then protected with a specialised coating to protect it from corrosion, this process can be easily maintained.